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Gardiner, Montana - Amateur Radio Exam

Dec 09, 2023 (Sat)
10:00-12:00pm MST
Test Fee:
9 Jardine Rd, Gardiner, MT 59030, USA
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Slots available:
2 / 10 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

North Yellowstone Amateur Radio Club -- Amateur Radio Exam

REGISTRATION Instructions:

  • Please read all of the instructions listed here before you click on the REGISTER button below.
  • You must register to take an exam.
  • Register today even if you may not be able to attend the exam. You can email us later if you cannot attend.
  • Please arrive for your exam at the time specified.
  • Register for the exam and follow the instructions. If you do not have an FCC Registration Number (FRN) simply follow the instructions to create your FRN. There is a $35 fee to obtain your FRN. When you create a new FRN, please save all of your login information for future use.
  • Please note the Exam Location Information and read What to bring to the exam session.
  • Finally, click the REGISTER button below to signup for the exam. A PIN will be generated for you when you signup for the exam. Please save this PIN and bring it with you to the exam session.

Exam Location Information:

  • The Track Center, 9 Jardine Rd, Gardiner, MT 59030

What to bring to the exam session:

  • A WiFi connected laptop or tablet. We have a limited number of tablets available to take the exam.
  • $14.00 cash or a check made payable to CASH.
  • Your FRN.
  • Two forms of ID. One ID must have a picture of you, for example, a Drivers License.
  • If you are testing to upgrade a current ham license, bring a photocopy of your existing signed license or your original CSCE form plus a photocopy of the CSCE. Please note that the CSCE form is only valid for 365 days from the date issued.
  • Optionally bring a calculator on which all programming has been erased. Calculators on cell phones, tablets, and laptops are not permitted.
  • Bring the PIN that is generated when you REGISTER for the exam.
  • Finally, if you have a questions about the exam send an email to NY7ARC@gmail.com