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Glacier Waterton Hamfest

Date: Jul 17, 2021 (Sat)
Time: 1:00pm MDT
Duration: 3 hours
Contact: W7ED
Test fee: $14.00
Location: 15735 US-2, Essex, MT 59916, USA
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Exams for all licenses are offered at this test session. Internet access at this site is spotty, so this exam maybe delayed.

Before you click the REGISTER button below, please read all of the following instructions.

REGISTRATION Instructions:

  • You MUST include a valid email and your phone number during registration.

  • We will accept walk-ins, however please REGISTER if possible.

  • Please arrive between 12:45 PM and 1:00 PM local Mountain Time.

  • The exams start around 1:15 PM.

  • We REQUIRE that you register with an FCC FRN (FCC Registration Number). Click Here to obtain your FRN now.

  • Be sure your "registration name" matches your "FRN name" EXACTLY!

Exam Location Information:

  • Exams are held at the Glacier Meadows RV Park Pavilion, 15735 US-2, Essex, MT 59916

What to bring to the exam session:

  • $14.00 cash (exact change) or a check made payable to GHRC-VE.
  • Two forms of ID. One ID must have a picture of you, for example, a Drivers License or Passport.
  • Optionally bring a calculator on which all programming has been erased. Calculators on: cell phones, tablets, or laptops are NOT permitted.
  • Bring the PIN that is generated when you REGISTER. We can provide your pin if you forget it.
  • When you have completed all of the exams that you wish to take, Finish and Sign Forms, then wait until you are given the OK that all is done. Please leave the tablet and stylus on the table.

Exam Session FAQs:

• If you pass Element 2 (Technician), you may take Element 3 (General). If you pass Element 3, you may take Element 4 (Extra). We recommend taking the next element, even if you have not studied for it, as you get to see what the next exam is like! These exams are at NO extra charge.

• If you fail an element, you may re-take the exam for an additional $14 fee, time permitting.

• Exam results are emailed to W5YI for processing at the end of the exam session, it usually takes 1 business day for the licenses to be posted. Use your FRN to check the ULS database. Click Here

• To cancel your registration, or advise us of your late arrival Click Here

  • Finally, if you have a question about an exam, then Click Here to contact us.

  • This is a link to our Club Web Site. Click Here

Slots available: 2 / 4 slots claimed